Ailaka Orthotic Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insole, Unisex Daily Sports Insole for Flat Foot Plantar Fasciitis


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It’s so hard to find a pair of perfect insole. Ailaka insoles fit most customers well but some think our arch support is a little close to the heel. Hope the honest feedback will help you make the decision.

★ Relieves tired feet, increases endurance standing and moving.
★ Light, thin, foot bed with semi-rigid longitudinal arch and plantar support, metatarsal pad and heel cushion pad.
★ Helps with the prevention and relief of foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis and Metatarsalgia.
★ Keep a pleasant and hygienic microclimate inside the shoes because it allows the foot to breathe and absorbs moisture.
★ Help prolong the life of your shoes and keeps your feet comfortable.

Instruction for Use
1. Remove the current insoles from your shoes.
2. Place new insoles with your current insoles back to back.
3. If your original insoles are shorter than the new insoles, you can trim along the outline on the bottom of the new insoles to match the size of your current insoles.
4. Insert the new Insoles into your shoes (do not put both the new insoles and your current insoles in the shoes at the same time as it would be too thick and wide).

Keep your shoes dry.
Put the insoles in a ventilating place to keep them dry and fresh.
High temperature exposure is strictly prohibited.
Doctors highly recommend that you replace your insoles every 3 months to promote healthy feet.

Customer Are Our Priority:
We offer 100% no risk money-back guarantee if you’re not thrilled with your purchase for any reason. Just tell us and we will do our best to give you the most satisfactory solution. Please check our Ailaka storefront for more deals that are awaiting you!

Try our super comfortable insoles today – Just click “Add to Cart” above to get yours now!BREATHABLE MATERIAL: Made of high grade PU and polyester of venting mesh design can provide better cushioning, breathable and bacteriostatic effect. Slightly perforated and padded to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Suitable for sports, keep your feet fresh in summer.
ARCH SUPPORT: Firm foot arch support and cushioning to relieve foot pain due to standing or walking for a long time, good gift idea for flat feet and plantar fasciitis friends.
HUMANIZED HEEL DESIGN: The hard EVA under the heel is replaced by a cushioning pad to absorb shock and reduce stress on heel.
ULTRATHIN: The thin insole does not take up too much space in your shoes. Suitable for work boots, wide-fitting lace-up shoes, sports shoes, tennis and golf shoes.
ADJUSTABLE SIZES: The full-length insole can support most size, the other code number can also allow you to cut. Trim for perfect fit for your feet for men’s sizes 3-10.5 & women’s sizes 4.5-12.



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