Skymore Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Mask, Natural Hair Treatment, Deep Conditioner for Dry, Damaged or Color Treated Hair, Promote Hair Growth, Hydrate, Strengthen Care All Hair Types


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Do you want your hair far from being Dull, Frizzy, Brittle, Dry and other Hair Problems?  Our SKYMORE ARGAN OIL HAIR MASK will be your Best Choice!!!

√Amino acid is the basic materials for building cells and repairorganizations which plays an important role in the process of metabolism, growth, maintenance and repair.
√SKYMORE HAIR MASK has lots of small brown beads containing amino acids. It promotes protein synthesis and provides the hair with necessary protein and  nutrients. Has the effect of Healing, Repairing damaged hair and Giving the hair a Healthy Look while Promoting Natural Hair Growth.

√ARGAN OIL contains Vitamin E, unsaturated fattyacid and other nutritions. They plays a obvious role in repairing hair dry and split ends, reducing dandruff and promoting hair growth. Makes it easily to be absorbed and repair your damaged hair and hair follicles.
→Why do you choose this product? Because she is worth it.
EFFECTIVE: It acts as a protective layer to protect the hair from harmful ultraviolet rays and environmental pollution.Quickly repair the damaged hair, nourish the hair core in-depth and restore a healthy hair.
SMOOTH: Deeply penetrate hair with rich nutrients, reduce hair damage, restore the hair moisture & suppress hair bifurcation and hair loss. A long-lasting moisturizing conditioner.
FRAGRANT: It is not greasy and not irritating. Moisturize hair from inside to outside. With lasting fragrance makes you more charming!
Give You A Healthy and Shiny Hair!!

Use the SKYMORE HAIR MASK after shampoo use. 
After cleanse the hair, apply the SKYMORE HAIR MASK for Hair Steamer with Treatment products for about 15-20 minutes.
After use the SKYMORE HAIR MASK, apply the ARGAN HAIR OIL when the hair is half dry.
Recommend using 2-3 times a week. Long-term use, it will significantly improve the hair texture.BEST QUALITY: Rich in nutritions such as Argan Oil, Vitamin E and Amino acids. Argan oil has no stimulation, can be easily absorbed to nourish hair from the root to the tip. Vitamin E can stabilize the active structure of protein in cell membrane to promote hair growth and prevent dry hair. This item has many small brown beads containing Amino acids that provides hair with protein and leave no residue.
HAIR REPAIR TREATMENT: SKYMORE HAIR MASK helps to repair the fibrous tissue through scales of hair, deeply hydrate, prevent hair bifurcation, reduce hair loss, give the hair a soft silky texture and add brilliant shine. It is an excellent hair care product and does well in improving hair texture, restoring and strengthening the weak, damaged, and over-processed hair. Leave the hair Soft, Shiny and Healthy!
DEEP CONDITIONER: SKYMORE HAIR MASK is rich in nutritions which work together to detoxifies the scalp, cleanse away residue and deeply penetrate hair shafts and cuticles to promote hair growth, improve follicle strength and prevent hair-damage. Has the effect of cleaning the hair, promoting cell regeneration and balancing the secretion of sebum.
SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Effectively Treat split ends, Tame frizzy hair, Restore bounce, Nourish the scalp, Promote blood circulation, Stimulate hair regrowth and Repair damaged hair. Care all hair types especially perfect for those damaged hair caused by excess heat, chemical processing and over styling etc.
PERFECT DESIGN AND FRAGRANT: SKYMORE HAIR MASK is creamy but not oily. It leaves the hair a gentle fragrance while protecting the natural hair growth. With non-slip design and easy to carry. Give yourself a comfortable and funny day.



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