FOMI Pink Trigger Point Back Scratch Stick + Bonus Peanut Ball Massage. Waterproof Portable For Bath Home. Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Pain. (Pink)



PAIN REDUCING MASSAGE KIT: Massage has been around since ancient times to improve circulation, reduce stress and make your body work well. With the FOMI Pain Reduction Massage Kit you can gain the benefits of pain reduction massage wherever you are. The lightweight Stop drop and roll massage ball, targets pain where it is, allows for pressure therapy and reduces stress on muscles and tendons where it is needed most. The dual sided BACK HAMMER stick has both a massager wedge and hammer to “NAIL” your pain where it is before it hits. You don’t need addictive pills or expensive remedies. GO ON THE OFFENSE: Nail your pain directly where it hurts. Pain pain go away! IMAGINE: A life with reduced pain. Strong Healthy Muscles Reduced muscle inflamation and stress Control over your healing process OUR MISSION: FOMI’s mission is to never take NO for an answer. If you are in pain you do not have to live in pain any longer, or accept a life “that hurts.” The FOMI BACK HAMMER and DUAL BALL will do what your other pain remedies didn’t do. Heal you! Warning: We are so confident that you will be satisfied that we guarantee your satisfaction! If you are not happy, simply return for a full refund. FOMI (Fear Of Missing In): FOMI is not only a brand, it is a belief that the healing process starts with the internal body and projects outward. Our products promote natural independent healing, pain reduction and long term health. Please check out our Amazon store for similar products. We are interested in your healing experience so please leave a review on the listing.NAIL YOUR PAIN: Are you tired of being on the defense. Do you wait for pain to flare up and then treat it? Then the FoMI Pain Go Away Massage Kit is for you! Say no to addictive pain medication or remedies which do not work. The dual sided BACK HAMMER will stimulate, massage and reduce muscle, and soft tissue pain. Mix and match with Stop drop and Roll ball roller for multi-level stimulus and stretching. No pain is too much pain for the PAIN GO AWAY KIT. GO ON THE ATTACK!
MULTIPLE USE HAMMER: SCRATCH your achy back with bottom wedge, Push down on white lever to adjust Hammer Balls. For Upper Back: Lift Above Head and HAMMER your back with repeated motion. For Lower Back: Hold Back of Wrist Against Lower Back. Rotate wrist to Hammer Mid and Lower Back. Repeat Hammer Motion 5 to 10 times.
STOP DROP AND ROLL: BEST MASSAGE BALL FOR RELIEVING MUSCLE ACHES AND PAINS: FOMI’s dual spiky ball layer surface allows you to apply pressure on hard to stimulate pain points and manipulate and loosen tight knots and release sore muscles. For Acupuncture, massage, and pressure point healing. Use Against Wall, Yoga Brick, In-between Legs, or Against Chair.
PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: THE DURABLE, HIGH QUALITY RUBBER MASSAGE BALL and BACK STABBER Massager is mid-sized and perfect for back pain treatment on the go: Whether you are suffering from back, neck or muscle pains, this kit will provide instant relief. Don’t settle for a life of pain, you can reach your pain wherever it is with the Pain Stabber Hammer Stick and Stop Drop And Roll Ball.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we will gladly and promptly refund your purchase price.



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