(2017 New arrival)Rii K11 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case with Rechargable Li-ion Battery for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 / 4

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Product Specifications:

1.Bluetooth 3.0 interface standard, 9. Standby Time:>100 days,
2.Operating Distance to 10 meters, 10.Charging Time:4-5 hours,
3.Modulation system:GFSK, 11.Battery Capacity: 200mA
4.Operation Voltage:3.0-4.2V 12.Uninterrupted Working Time:100 hours
5.Operation Current:<2.5MA 13.Lithium Battery life:3 years
6.Standby current:<0.3MA 14.Key Strength:80+-10g
7.Sleeping current : <40uA 15.Key life:5 million strokes
8.Charging Current:>200mA 16.Operating Temperature:-10- +55C

Product Operation Steps
1.To set the keyboard power button to “ON”position,the power
indicator light will light up for 4 seconds,and then go outm,press
the “connect” to connect a Keyboard key,Bluetooth connection will
twinkle lights when key Bluetooth is started,can be connected to the
tablet on the computer.
2.Open and unlock the tablet computer ,click on the flat Board
computer “Setting” icon.
3.Select “bluetooth” in “Setting” interface enter the bluetooth
setting interface,click the bluetooth pass to open the connection.
4.The tablet computer will automatically search is enable bluetooth
device,wireless keyboard found signals,Click the project link.
5.On the keyboard input displayed on the screen PIN pairing
code,press the “Enter”Key.
6.After completion of matching the status of the wireless keyboard
will display a paired.

Package content:
1 x bluetooth wireless keyboard Cover (magnetic)
1 x USB charging cable1.Surface pro 3/4 will be a high performance for Tablet,Surface pro 3/4 keyboard Type cover enhance the fixed connection with Surface pro 3/4
2.The function QWERTY keys,media control key,and Touchpad,It has a key of QWERTY, Multi-function keys (F1-F12),Windows shortcut and media control key
3.The keyboard cover(Built-in rechargeable battery), Surface pro 3/4 keyboard cover fold back like a magazine have a great protection for tablet,when keyboard cover fold back,surface pro 3/4 Key is disabled to do unexpected input,when you closed it
4.The keyboard will enter into sleep mode when it is inactive about 15 minutes,and the keyboard(power) indicator or light will turn off,just press any key withtin 3 seconds to active it.
5.The keyboard Enhanced with magnetic stability to keep the keyboard steady



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